Khamis, 15 April 2010

Why do we shout?

One day, a professor asked his students
'Why do we SHOUT instead of speak when we are ANGRY?'

All the students thought for a while. One answered 'Because we lost our cool.
That's why we SHOUT.'

Asked the professor again, 'But the person is just right next to you,
why can't we talk softly but have to SHOUT?'

Everyone gave their opinions but none was accepted by the professor.

Lastly explained by the professor 'When we are ANGRY, our hearts drift apart.
To mask the DISTANCE we felt,
we instinctively SHOUT instead of speak so the other party can hear us.'

'But as we SHOUT, we get ANGRIER. And we felt we drift apart further.
So we SHOUT even louder...'

'It is the opposite when we are in love. Not only we do not shout, we whisper
into each other ears.

'This is because our hearts are very close, almost never apart.
As our love deepen, we reach a state of communication where there is no need
for words.'

'We understand each other well enough just by exchanging look,' concluded the

'Therefore, when we are arguing, DO NOT speak words that will make our hearts
drift apart.
WAIT a few days.
When you feel your hearts are no longer far apart, pick up the conversation
and continue from there.'

"tak rugi dicintai dan mencintai..."

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